Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just another Thursday

Showed up for our 6:00 am workout this morning and still coughing. Still NOT feeling 100%.
Erik had us meet at the beach. Nobody likes the beach workout but Shelley and I. Shelley is out of town this weekend with her husband. He took her away for their anniversary so we are watching the kids. The beach was as usual VERY beautiful. There were tons of scattered clouds and the sun was not yet up. We could hear seals barking in the distance off the shoreline. Erik is always very peppy, being that he's only 27, he's got tons of energy and is always professional. He has us do a lot of circuit training and a bit of running and walking in the sand. He sets his iphone to ring a bell every 25 seconds or so so we can switch circuits and rotate. The bell he has on his phone sounds like a boxing ring bell so the bell rings and we are suppose to rotate only it doesn't happen because Little C is still trying to get coordinated enough to figure out how she is supposed to be doing her squats/shoulder press. So I stand there and wait and yell at her to move it along! Eric says the bell waits for no-one. I laugh because I know he has to get annoyed with our in-eptness but NEVER shows it. He has so much much patience with us and he never looses his cool. He just makes me laugh because we look like such dorks sometimes and he just keeps encouraging us.
I think he got tired of listening to me cough so he told me to take the day off tomorrow. I'm glad because I probably need to rest some more but I don't want to miss out on a good workout so I just cough and continue on at about 1/2 strength.
My Mom pulled the wheezing card so she pooped out too. That left little C to carry on at full strength. It was fun.
We arrived home to five kids who all needed lunches and breakfasts and hair and a ride to school. It was organized chaos. My step dad just sits at the counter and observes. he is amazed I think at the chaos of it all and the fact that it all gets done a nobody gets hurt.
Of to school they all go and I take a shower and go back to bed to rest and try to get well.
Just another Thursday.

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