Thursday, November 19, 2009

still waiting

Finally went to the doctor today for this really annoying cough. I have been sick off and on for six weeks now and frankly... I've grown bored of it.
The Dr. said my lungs and pulse Ox were good so he decided to throw some antibiotics at my cough in hope that it will go away. He couldn't really do much for my bladder that has practically shut down due to my incessant coughing. Not really fun to pee your pants EVERY time you cough. I've really grown bored of that too.
So we will hope that all will be better in a few days and I will be back to normal and able to give 100% on my daily workouts.
Today was our beach workout day so we got to watch the sunrise and listen to the seals in the harbor. I brought my camera along because the kids keep bugging me for a picture of Erik. So here is a picture of our trainer who may I add is VERY easy on the eyes but we don't talk about that because that wouldn't be cool. Shh don't tell.
Erik has some serious curly hair so he's got BIG bad bed hair most days except when he wears his hat. WE made him take his hat off so we could see his hair today. So in his defense it doesn't always look quite so moppy. Oh who are we kidding. It does look this moppy every day.

Still waiting on the green light to go to Alabama and hunt for a house. There are a lot of great deals so I'm anxious to get there and see in real life what everything looks like. When we know more I will let you know but for now we are in a minor holding pattern.

Ari had a wonderful weekend in NH. She came back with her friend cup "filled" and very happy. It's a good thing she likes us because otherwise I'm not sure she would have gotten on her return flight.
Have a great day. Life is good.

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Lynne said...

Erik is gorgeous. Can we get some more pics of him, please? (What can I say, I'm an old married lady. HA!)

Your beach pictures from the other day are stunning!! The ones of the kids walking on the rocks look like paintings.

Hope your cough (and bladder) get better soon.