Sunday, November 22, 2009

Party Dresses and Footy Jammies

My niece Holland is here this weekend to finish her club volleyball tryouts. I drove down to the Burbank fire station at 5:30 Sat. morning to pick her up from my brother-in-law Tony's work. He's a firefighter/engineer for the city of Burbank.

First order of business was lunch and then a tiny bit of shopping. Indy wanted to go to Claire's. This was the last time I will EVER step foot into a Claire's again. She circled the entire store about a dozen times and still couldn't make up her mind on what she wanted to spend her $5.00 on. At that point I had a mini meltdown and told her to hurry up. She was just so overwhelmed. I had a couple of more meltdowns before she finally settled on some gross goop. I was shaking went I left that store. I will try never to go back.

My mom took Ari and Holland to a paper ball last night. They got to dress in cocktail attire and went to the fundraiser. They had to be wearing something paper so the all made paper wrist cuffs.
They all looked beautiful and went off in their chariot but not before Poppy Tom gave them a last once-over to tell them how beautiful they looked.

During the day yesterday we stopped at Target and the big girls fell in love with the holiday footie Jammie's. I had to buy them because they were so excited. I'm such a sucker!!

The girls are so close (16 months apart) that they fight like sisters and laugh like best friends. The last picture is of Ari slapping Holland after she locked her out of the house this morning. Of course she had her footie jammies. she stood outside at the front door banging on the door and yelling. Drawing all kinds of attention to herself. I love these girls like I love my luggage.

Have a good day. Life is good.

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Mere said...

man i wish i was there!! i want a weekend getaway to grammas with my cousins!!1 no fair!!! but can i get a pair of footie jammies, i have always wanted a pair!! love jealous and counting down the days till i come home