Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Moon

We went to see New Moon today. All of us girls.
The theatre was an old stage theatre that
holds about 5000 seats.
we were the first ones to arrive so we had the pick of any seat we wanted.

Stacy and Step sister Nina and I sat in the middle of the theatre.
Stacy sat down right beside me. After a few moments of the two of us
silently wrestling over the sub-standard arm rest I suggested
that she move down one seat so there wouldn't be a tussle.
Mom and Shelley sat several rows back so they could "talk about us"
and fling their legs over the seats.
Holland and Ari started out somewhere near the front of the theatre
and quickly moved when we reminded them about the werewolves in the movie.
They ended up coming up the back towards us and next thing I know
sits down right in front of me. All 6'3" of her.
Out of 5000 seats in the theatre, THIS is the seat you gotta sit in???

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britcrenshaw said...

i wish i could have been there:( miss you all