Thursday, December 10, 2009

House hunt update

Spent all day yesterday looking for a house. saw 9 and narrowed it down to 2. Today I see six more and will narrow that list down to three or four to show Ted tomorrow. The problem isn't that there isn't anything to love... It's that they are all really beautiful. The area is great, somewhat poorly planned in it's business's but the subdivisions are beautiful and the schools are good. Mobile bay is amazing along the Eastern Shore ( that's what we call the east side of the bay across from Mobile) There are walking path's, beaches, and multi million dollar homes flanking the bay. I will post pictures when I can get my head around one or two houses.
Had some really good Southern food for lunch yesterday. Ate at a restaurant call The Sugar Kettle Cafe in Daphne, Al It was delicious. I had "Boston Butt", Mac n Cheese, and Okra with stewed tomatoes. and a corn muffin. Of course to wash it all down??? Sweet tea baby!!
Ah, I'm gonna love livin the South, I've had some of the best scallops, shrimp and grits I've ever had. Yum!!
These pictures are from my hotel room. I overlook the Mobile bay and across the bay way in the far distance ( the skinny line just under the sun) is the Eastern shore where we will be residing. Can't wait!!

Life is good.