Thursday, December 3, 2009

She's headed for a double wide

Mom and I have been Christmas shopping for the past few days. It is exhausting and NOT always fun. Today we drove 30 minutes down south to the TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack. After a very successful spree at TJ's and a quick lunch we ran into Nordstrom rack to finish up some of the people on our list's. Or at least see what we could find for ourselves:)
I was looking for a pretty top to wear to a Holiday cocktail party and Mom and I were looking on a rack that had larger sizes. She pulled a top out and I asked her what size it was. She replied...
"It's a 14 wide"
me: " Mom... those of us who shop on this rack do NOT appreciate the "w" to mean a WIDE"

mom: "oh I'm sorry (laughing) I meant women's.

other woman:" yes we prefer "wow""

me: (laughing) "yes WOW is much better"

mom: "oh I should just shut up and go sell Mobile homes or something "

other woman: "I live in a mobile home so watch out"

mom: " oh my GOD I'm so sorry, I meant I should sell double wides or triple wides"

other woman:" I live in a triple wide"

mom: " I love mobile homes! I used to work for Boise Cascade and sold mobile homes" " That's gonna be my next house" "I really love them!!"

At this point I crossed my legs trying NOT to pee my pants and ran off to the dressing rooms leaving mom to dig herself out the SHIT hole she had just dug for herself.

Life is SO good!!!