Monday, December 14, 2009

Update on Alabama

House # 1. partial picture of front of house/ kitchen / and back yard with lake.

Just returned from Alabama and hit the ground running. Got stuck in Phoenix and had to spend the night because my flight got cancelled. Yesterday was Indy's 7th birthday so I need to put up her birthday blog and by then we will know which house we are getting. WE have an offer in on one but are not sure weather or not it will be accepted and there isn't much wiggle room. The second house that we love just as much will fall to #1 if it has to. We should here soon. I'll post pictures just as soon as we know which house. In the mean time, loved Alabama and ate some great southern style food and some awesome seafood. I Found myself dreaming in a Southern accent while I was there. It will be very easy for me to speak Southern and not sound like a "wanna-be".

Life is great!!