Sunday, December 27, 2009

The past two days

Christmas Dinner was great, Mom cooked a fabulously HUGE prime rib roast, And all the side fixings you could dream of.
Everybody ate till they were stuffed.
and stuffed... and stuffed.

We walked on the beach every morning and watched the sunrise. The group on the right is my family...we travel in a large very tall group and attract a lot of attention.
Brittany got a bad case of hives and had to go the the ER. She wasn't too happy. But that didn't stop us from having a TON of fun.
I did my daily stop at the Four Seasons Hotel for my potty stop. Had to snap a picture of their holiday display because it is so beautiful. They practically know me there since I stop in almost every day to use the bathroom.
Brittany and Meredith turned 19 today. Aunt Shelley presented all the girls with party hats with which they wore on our walk this morning. Happy Birthday girls!!!
Relished in another spectacular sunrise and will savor each one until I leave in three days.
Life is good.