Friday, May 7, 2010


He wakes up every morning after a long snooze on his bedroom sofa. She bounces out of bed and wants to play right away. He mossies on out to go potty and then re-locates to his chair for his first nap of the morning. She sits in the screened-in porch and quietly watches the squirrels and birds.
Then she decides that she would like to have what he has, do what he's doing. She cruises on over and casually begins to climb into the chair, HIS chair. He is IN the chair. She doesn't care. She wants the chair. She will get the chair.

He begins to moan because she is TOUCHING him. She doesn't care.
She thinks there is room for both of them. He says "MOM, she's touching MEEEEEE!!"
She's in. he moans and then gets down out of his favorite chair and casually walks away. She is happy but would have been happier if he had stayed in the chair with her.
The End