Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Tribute to Mothers

Vintage circa 1980

Mom with a few of the grandchildren whom adore her. Yea that's my mom in the pink.
To Ellen who saved my life at 13 and whom I channel on a daily basis. She has mentored me for 29 years.
To Tony who is a fabulous Dad and a great Mom too, and one of my favorite girlfriends!!
To Nina, you are fabulous! Glad we found you after all these years.

Te Ellen again because every time we move she comes and visits. My kids adore her.

And I got the pleasure to be Ellen's babysitter to Kim ( above) and now get to watch her on her journey as a mother of three boys. Kim you are an amazing mother.

Mom, thanks for ALWAYS supporting us and for being the most wonderful grandmother to our children.
And to Annabelle, for raising an amazing intelligent, selfless man who loves me in spite of my flaws and supports me in all that I do and for raising a wonderful father to our three little punks.

To Stacy and Shelley my two sisters who inspire and support me everyday and who ALWAYS have my back. And who are successfully parenting three children and five young adult women.

Sarah, I miss living across the street from you.
Heather, super Mom, and Hottie. You are doing great!! Caleb is so lucky to have you!

To Tina, one of the funniest people I know.

To my wonderful sisters-in -law, you are both amazing mothers and I always have a blast when we are together. How lucky am I ???
To Karen, who was my first friend in Pa. and one of the most patient people, also Brittney and Kim, you are all three missed so much!!

And to my Ohio friends... I miss ya like crazy and still think we had the best time EVER living there. You girls are awsome!!

And to my New Hampshire BFF Diana, who will shop with me, eat with me and let me fart when ever I want to. Love ya!!