Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh Crap

Alex came home from school the other day all in a tizzy.

Alex- "Mom when am I gonna be allowed to say CRAP"???

Me- "Um what"??

Alex "well all the boys around me at school and on the bus get to say "crap" all the time and I'm the only one who's NOT allowed to say it."

me- "well I'm sorry but no nine year old of mine is going to be saying "crap" just because all the other kids are saying it."

Alex- "well when will I be able to say it??"

me, "maybe when your 12."

Alex, "WHAT???"

me, "sorry buddy"

Alex, " oh maawwwmmm"

me, " I love you son now go play"

Mom and Meredith left on Tuesday but not before we had a little more fun and a lovely parting gift.

Being tall comes in SUPER handy when a certain nine year old is yanking chain...

Our lovely parting gift??? A nasty case of the vomit/diareahh stomach flu given to Me and Indy courtesy of Gramma and Brittany and Meredith. Thanks girls, love ya more than my luggage!!