Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stream of Conciousness

Been busy for the past week. After a month or so of trying to get the ADHD meds all figured out, ( needed some fine tuning) I am trying to get focused and also ready for a few family members to visit. It was supposed to be my Mom and the twins ( Big sister Stacy's twin girls) but the morning they were supposed to fly out of Santa Barbara, Brittany came down with a nasty case of the vomit and diarreah thing. Poor thing had to stay home. Mom and Meredith arrived last Tuesday eve and we have been hanging out ever since. We attempted to do a tiny bit of sight seeing but Mom and Meredith quickly assured me that sight seeing wasn't necessary. they were happy to just see the neighborhood and hang out. Whew!! That's good cause I didn't know WHAT the Hell I was going to do with them. I stressed out for a week over what I would show them and how I was going to keep them happy.

Can't let her leave without a visit to the local watering hole.
walked along a path by the bay.

played in the backyard.
fake glasses from Claires.
Gramma and her "Mini Me"
lots to do in our neighborhood. including an outdoor shopping mall with a fountain.

The grown-ups
spent the day at the Gulf. Happy to report , not ONE glob or sign of oil anywhere!! Yay!!

So we've done lots of shopping and lunching and swimming and hanging out. Perfect for all of us.

Ari is happy to be around someone who "gets" her and has had a blast with Meredith. Indy thinks Meredith is her own personal playmate and mentor and Alex just gets mad when Mere calls him out on all his BS.

to be continued...