Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Ted flew off to Atlanta This morning. He is going for his second round of interviews for a major Pharma co. It is a very competitive pool of people and he will be mad when he sees this post because he won't want anybody to get their hopes up. He won't want to disappoint, but I say we need all the support we can get in times like these and my readers won't blame him if he doesn't get this job. We had a very nice fashion debate last night about what suits he should take and which shirts/ties. We even had a debate on the color "brownish-grey". He says there is no such color but I beg to differ. We even had to bring Ari in on the discussion and her answer was the same as mine..."that's brownish-grey Dad". He didn't like her answer either.
I spent the morning telling my parents about our discussion and of course I had to "be" him when I was telling the story and Indy chimes in and says...

"Mommy I like it when you tell Daddy stories. You do Daddy better than Daddy does Daddy and it's funnier when you do Daddy" Yep that's my girl...seeing the humor in my schtick. I really love anyone who thinks I'm funny.

Drove some of the volleyball team down to Oxnard yesterday for a game. Stopped at taco Bell for some bean burritos so they could get fueled up for the game. i sent a couple of the girls in to order and when they realized that they didn't know what one of the girls wanted, they called her in the car from inside of Taco Bell. They looked so silly doing it through the glass that I had to snap a couple of photos of them. It would have been a lot faster for one of them to run back out to the car and ask but that's not how this generation operates. If they have to talk...they text. If they MUST call then they call, even if it's faster to ask in person. They wolfed down their burritos on the way to the game and thankfully won the match. I told them if I saw any signs of sluggishness coming from any of them than that would be the last time I got them burritos before a game. I only had to yell "no more bean burritos" once during the game before they "woke" up and played a little harder. Whatever it takes.

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catsmeaney said...

Uggh. I love this blog. It's real, honest (another word for real) authentic (yet another synonym) and very very amusing. Go ahead. Move to Atlanta. I dare you.