Friday, October 2, 2009

This week

This week is coming to an end. It's probably best due to the happenings.

I showed up at our 6am beach workout in flip flops. Now normally that would be the appropriate footwear for our Thursday morning but this was an unusually cold morning so Erik our trainer had on long pants and a sweatshirt and running shoes. Shell and Little C also had on running shoes. Mom tried to put shoes on and i told her "don't bother" because Eric always makes us go barefoot in the sand. So mom goes in pink socks. So we show up at the beach and Erik's all..."yea of course you can wear your's too cold to go barefoot" I try to run in the sand in bare feet and my feet go numb from the cold. I looked like an ass as I had to do the rest of the workout in my flip flops. Mom looks equally foolish as she does her working out in her pink socks. By the way, Mom and her best friend Cathy have joined the morning workout group. I call Cathy "little C" because Kathy is my Mom's name too and it just seams to suit her because she is tiny.

Mom comes home from a meeting and is reading a text as she is walking up the front walkway to the house. She takes a spill and lands flat on her stomach and swacks her chin on the walkway. Later that afternoon her chin turns black and blue. I tell her that she looks like she is growing a five o-clock shadow. She's not really into that look seeing as how we have to go to a charity luncheon tomorrow. People will think she's growing a beard. Good thing she has a really good dress to detract from her chin.

My parents dog sage has recovered from having a few socks removed from his gut and then started eating more socks. He has eaten about a dozen socks since his surgery and today he had to be put down due to his insane addiction to eating sweat socks. Every time my parents lose a pet, and they have lost many due to old age etc. in the last few years, they have the pets cremated and put in a fancy wooden box. I guess we will have another "dog in a box" to add to the collection. I have threatened to do a blog picture of all the "pets in a box" stacked on top of each other like a pyramid. I know...not funny. But I can't help it.

I'll come up with something better to write about this weekend...I promise.


Anonymous said...

Wheezing from laughter, which somehow makes it all more tolerable!- keep it up funny girl!. -ssm

Anonymous said...

I hope we don't give you too much more "material" for the old blog this week. My chin can't take it! Poor Sage. He was apparently underfed!

Shelley said...

time to take a picture of the pets in boxes

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your dog Sage. at least now you can have matching socks again. miss you all. love the pix of alex.

Lynne said...

Can't wait to see the boxed pets.

You're too funny.

Poor Sage :(