Friday, October 30, 2009

While Daddy's Away

Ted is out of town for a couple of days for another job interview. Normally I enjoy when he goes out of town as I get to be a slob without "someone" telling me I'm a slob. Duh, like I didn't already know this.
Anyway, when he goes out of town the dogs decide to be naughty because they know who their "real" parent is and he's gone so lets whoop it up!! First they got into the trash and ate everything they could out of the trash can. Mom's dog just stood there and watched. I know this because when Mom got home and saw the mess her dog just stood and sniffed it and my bad dogs went and hid behind the sofa. Lucky for me Mom got home first so she had to clean up the trash mess all over the house.
That night they had horrible diareahh from all the trash they ate so I was outside with them most of the night in the backyard. Had to cancel my workout that next morning because i finally fell asleep at 5:30am and was too whipped to get up.

Last night they decided it would be fun to go out and bark at the little noises so I was up in the middle of the night in my t-shirt and underwear with a flashlight chasing them around the yard trying to get them to be quiet as the neighbor right behind us hates barking and will call at the first sound of the barking monsters. So I'm out chasing them in my t-shirt and trying NOT to step in one of the MANY piles of poop from the night prior. They would bark and just when I get a few inches from grabbing them they would run away so they could continue their escapades. I hated them last night. They thought they could try to sleep with me after being so naughty but I kicked them off onto the floor to sleep on their own beds because I was so mad at them. This morning I awoke to BOTH of the in bed with me sleeping soundly on Ted's side of the bed so I wouldn't notice that they had snuck up onto the bed in the middle of the night.
Yep can't wait till Daddy gets home so he can take care of these dogs.

The above picture is a good example of what they do all day. They have a really rough life.


Lynne said...

That is the FUNNIEST picture!

Sarah K. said...

that is the BEST picture EVER!!!

Loopy for the Loupee's said...

great stories! Where is the picture of the kids in their costumes??