Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Wonderful World Of Disney

We went to Disneyland on Sunday. We went for two reasons...
1. Because it was Alex's birthday and
2. because the kids have been begging us to go and I didn't want to leave the state having NOT gone. Plus this otta get them off my back about it for at least a couple of years.
The arrival on the tram.

Ari was nice enough to relinquish control of the drivers seat to the Birthday boy.

I did NOT ride the tea cups... we just took a picture in one. No amount of money would get me on that ride. Well maybe a very high amount of money.

Indy and Danielle (cousin)
Alex and the cousins

Our last meal of the day. Ari bellied up to a plate of ribs.

Nina bellied up to a burger with an enormous amount of mustard on it. See it oozing out of the sides of her mouth?? Yum Yum.

My little angel

a tram ride back to the car after a very long day

Indy "yanked" her tooth out at Starbucks the day before.
1. pulling a tooth out at Starbucks? $3.00 for the cup of coffee

2. wearing a "snuggie" all the way home from Disneyland? $15.00

3. Filming my Mother on a roller coaster??? PRICELESS

In a footnote... I told my Mom that this is what her face will look like if she gets a face lift.


Anonymous said...

too too too great! that video is priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cathy Mogull said...

ops< i was signed in as Ey... sorry.

Anonymous said...

amazing!! gramma is my hero!!! i want to come next time!!! mere

Sarah K. said...

looks like you guys had a great time! I LOVE reading your blog. Steph you are such a gifted writer and you make us feel like we are there too. Which is great since we miss you all so much. Love to all of you! love from all the Katzs.