Thursday, October 8, 2009


Went down to Target with Mom today. It's an event because the nearest Target is 30 minutes away so we make a day of it and go to Target and of course out for lunch. We got there and of course Mom goes straight for the juniors dept because last time she looked she saw a "junior" in the mirror. I of course get my list out and head straight for the beauty dept to get face wash, face wipes and hair doo-dads. We meet up after about 15 minutes when Mom call me from her cell phone from somewhere in the store. I have gotten most everything on my list. She has gotten a whole lot of stuff that was NEVER on her list. Oh wait... she didn't have a list, but her cart is full and on top is a huge fake pumpkin. I tell her that the pumpkin is too fake looking so she puts it back and gets one that doesn't look quite so fake.
We meander upstairs to the kids dept and electronics to shop for Alex's birthday. Of course we get sidetracked by the girls dept because Indy is the most fun to shop for and before we knew it we had several things in the cart for her and she really doesn't NEED anything but oh well!!

So we find some cool stuff for Alex's B-day and head to checkout. That's when I see them. I am shocked and horrified at the sight of them.
I do a double take!!
I look in Mom's cart as she is unloading her stuff onto the conveyor belt and I see the pile of leggings... All from the juniors dept.
Gold metallic leggings
Silver metallic leggings
Black lace leggings (she's attempted to buy these two times prior but I have managed to thwart her attempts)
Black cable knit leggings

Now these on a 17 year old would be super cute I'm sure. Ari would look adorable in them. Any 20 something could TOTALLY pass it off, but MOM????

I don't think so.

So I rip them off the belt as fast as she is unloading them and tell her that no woman over 60 should be wearing metallic leggings in ANY color. She starts laughing and crosses her legs and try's not to wet her pants but we all know how that's gonna turn out. I quickly remove the
leggings tel her how much money I've just saved her. She is happy about that but I know her, and next time she goes to Target she will mos definitely head straight for the junior dept. as she always says to me...
"I'm young at heart" Well I can't argue with that. She even looks like she's in her 50's. Don't get me wrong... How many girls can shop with their mother at Target and have that much fun?


Anonymous said...

I thought the gold and silver might come in handy for the holidays! So much more comfy than panty hose!! I could have worn a lovely tunic or a white angora sweater, some cute shoes, dangling earrings, you know, a holiday look! As for the black lace, I'm still not sure how or where or with what I would wear them , but I think it's just a nice basic to have in the drawer with the silver and gold. Oh, by the way, I went back and got the cable knit in black and grey heather. I know I can use them for something. It was fun though. Just to see Stephanie's face when I pulled them out of the cart! xoxo Mom

Anonymous said...

that is what i call a good time
love you

Lynne said...

OMG, you guys sound like my mom and me. Not sure she would pick out silver leggings, and especially not black lace. LOL!

Anonymous said...

you know, reading the comments is almost just as fun!! love you guys!