Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bad Behavior

This week I met Shelley at the park across from the beach for some kid play time. The kids hadn't seen each other very much since school started so we thought it would be fun.
Now if you don't want to see two grown mothers behaving badly then leave now because I just couldn't help myself.

Shelley's son Aidan got a bloody nose from running and started a very dramatic crying fit that started a very dramatic laughing fit by his mother and his Aunt Stephanie. I had to snap a few photos of it because he was so cute. Sorry about the bunny ears. I guess I have too much free time on my hands with not having a house to run I'm finding all kinds of fun things to amuse myself with. Making fun of the kids is one of them. Yep that's me once again gettin the "parent of the year" award!!

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