Sunday, October 18, 2009

Something to pass along

When my Mother was sixteen, her mother gave her a gold charm bracelet. Throughout her life my Mom has received many gold charms that have marked many monumental occasions. I.E. graduation, marriage, baby, tick-tockers, etc.

My Mother has really cherished this bracelet. So when she became a Grandmother she decided to start the same tradition with our girls. Note that she didn't start the tradition with us sisters because being a working mother of three doesn't really afford you the luxury of buying gold for your children. No worries, no permanent harm done, no therapy needed. :)

She has been collecting these gold bracelets for a few years now and to mark a sweet sixteen birthday a granddaughter receives a bracelet with one charm on it, with the promise of more charms to come to mark monumental occasions. Indy got the pleasure of seeing these bracelets that Mom has been saving. She is excited to receive something so special and meaningful. There is a story behind each charm. There is a memory.

I got such pleasure out of watching mo Mother and My daughter sit and talk about the special day that she will receive her bracelet. Of course Indy would like to have hers now but the beauty is that she must wait. Must wait for that special day when she turns sixteen and will receive her special bracelet.
Do you have something to pass along to your children?? It doesn't have to be gold. My son Alex received an original copy of "Mark Twain" when he was born. Also from my Mother. It had been given to my Grandfather when he was a small boy and then passed on to Alex...the first born "Boy" in our family. Alex talks about how special that book is to him. He holds it very dear to his heart and says that it is the most important thing he owns. Now that he has an ipod he might change that story but I will still say that the book is very special.

One more thing to share... Dinner ideas. Mom made this the other night... sauteed end of summer squash and grilled halibut

And for Ari since she is a carb girl... scalloped potatoes. Yum Yum!! Yes that is cheddar cheese on top.

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Anonymous said...

Steph, what is so special about you is that you know what is dear in life. It isn't things. That is what I always loved about you. Thank you for letting me into your life and keeping it up although we are still on opposite coasts. Hope things are looking up for you and Ted. Miss you all. Love Sarah et al.