Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gulf Shores Alabama/ Gulf of Mexico

Happy Valentines Day!!

Shelley painted this for me 15 years ago and I've saved it all these years and it has made it through all these many moves. Aren't you impressed?? Those of you who REALLY know me, know how much I like to throw things away, but i do have a heart and I like this card so i saved it.
Put my feet in the Gulf of Mexico today. It was much colder than I thought it would be. Shelley had to remind me twice that it's the dead of Winter still and unseasonably cold here right now. I shall look forward to warmer water and bright turquoise color soon.

Alex was happy to go off and search for lost treasures.

These are the ocean front beach houses along the shore. I want to rent one for a week in the Summer but they're all booked up this year so for sure 2011.

The pristine white sandy beach thrills me. It's like sitting on fairy dust.

Indy wasn't feeling well so she and I lay on the sand while the others wandered and collected shells.

Love her. She makes me smile.