Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To Stir or NOT to Stir

I have gotten a few comments on my last post regarding peanut butter. to stir or not to stir. SOME people are saying they have organic peanut butter but it has to be refrigerated and stirred. I'm sorry but when it comes to peanut butter I prefer to live with my head in the sand. When we were living with my parents, my Mom ONLY buys organic everything. This means organic- no -salt peanut butter. I can't tell you how many times I went to make my child a PB sandwich and had to try to stir the already VERY chilled jar of pb and ended up opening a brand new jar because I couldn't get it stirred enough to make that gross oil go away. Plus if you're gonna buy peanut butter you gotta have the salt. Who buys un-salted peanut butter??? Whats the damn point if you can't have that creamy salty goodness that sticks to the roof of your mouth?
So I'll stick with my over processed JIF for now, plus you can buy it in bulk at Sam's club. Super fantastic!!
Now I'm craving a PB n J so gotta go.