Friday, February 19, 2010

stream of Conciousness

I haven't worked out in a week. Eric would NOT be proud. I just haven't felt like it because my back and hip have been bothering me.I did vacuum the house however and perhaps will clean some toilets today and maybe dust some shelves. This house came equipped with a central vacuum. At first I resisted using it. I had a boyfriend...his name was DYSON. We had a great relationship. He did everything I asked of him and he was very colorful and cute. But then we got this house and the OTHER man was here. The central vac. I didn't want to use it. I didn't want to lug the hose all over the house. I was in a relationship with my Dyson. we were happy. Ted made me try it. I think we may be falling in love. Its so powerful and easy to use. It has different heads for hardwood and carpet so I can vacuum the whole house and just change the heads. Poor poor Dyson has been in the closet ever since. I feel bad... but not really.

I ordered bar stools today. We have been sitting at the kitchen bar for a month on counter stools because nobody wants to sit at the kitchen table unless I make them. If anybody knows counter stools, they will tell you how goofy one looks while sitting at a bar on a short stool. The counter is at your chin and your food plate is in your face because the stool isn't tall enough.

Have a great day!! Life is good.