Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guest Blogger Has A Life

Dear Readers,
Have you been waiting? Checking for that daily dose of fun that Steph rarely fails to fill? Hit a dry spell? Well.....although I only have a few few precious hours left on my guest blogger run, I have hit a patch of life that kept me from the keyboard.
It was a busy weekend. Sister Nina was in town with Husband, Eric, and kids, Dylan and Danielle.

Then, at 11:45 on Sunday night, my husband, Tom woke me up with his noisy bathroom barfing sounds. I prayed that it was just a a case of stomach flu, or better yet, food poisoning. I kept an ear awake for the tell-tale signs that I would either be permitted to sleep or have to really wake up and prepare for an "adventure" of some sort. At one AM, he was at the begging stage. Begging me to take him to the hospital, that is. It would be the second time in six months that we would leave the comfort of our home, out into the cold to extinguish a pain so severe that Tom would do anything to stifle it.

Twenty four hours later, Tom was without a gallbladder. I had a double shift for the rest of the week while my beloved husband has been in recovery and Steph has been sorely absent a blog. You will be so happy to know that tomorrow represents the official day of internet for the Kaminski Family of Mobile, AL, and..... It will be the first day of my four day visit!

Steph and I promise a full report of all excitement just as soon as it happens. Stay tuned.....