Sunday, February 28, 2010

Softball Anyone?

Indy is playing softball now. Soccer was her first sport. She got a nice taste of that and looked very cute running up and down the soccer field kicking herself in the butt.
So softball started this past week. The coach has already pulled me aside to tell me what a natural athlete I have on my hands. I told him she gets it from me. Yea right! I may be coordinated but I'm not that athletic.
Anyway I will post more pictures after her next practice but here are a couple from her first practice.

Meanwhile, Alex has chosen NOT to play baseball. He is not comfortable playing ANY sport where there is the slightest chance that he might get hurt, tackled, bumped, hit, or knocked over. So he will be playing golf in the spring and Summer when the lessons become available. Lucky for him he has a VERY good swing and happens to really love playing, much to the chagrin to his father.