Monday, April 26, 2010

Had to make a trip to Walmart over the weekend. They do have a nice selection of airsoft guns ya know...

So Ari and I headed off for a walmart outing beginning in cosmetics where she picked out some new lip gloss.

then we headed through the greeting card isle where she spotted the Crayola Color Wonder packets. She of course HAD to have one so she picked out the Disney Princess one and we were off to the movie section where she campaigned heavily for the new AVATAR DVD.

Of course, we came out of the store with a bunch of stuff we probably didn't need and were headed home when she stated that she JUST wanted to go home and watch her Avatar movie and color her princess pictures. I told her she might want to think about sharing the coloring stuff with her younger sister. she said she would.

Later that evening Ted and I headed out for a dinner date and a Kathy Griffin show Live in Buloxi, Ms.

As we were leaving Ari asked where the rubber gloves were? I told her where they were and then asked why she needed them?

"I'm going upstairs to dye my hair purple mom."

" OK honey have a good time, we'll see you guys when we get home!"