Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two things

Good Morning,

Popped my knee in Zumba class this morning. Yea, don't laugh. I like it because it's an hour of a mixture of Latin ballroom dance/kick boxing/ and belly dancing, with a chunk of Hip Hop all mixed together. The hour goes by really fast and it's kinda fun... as long as you A- don't look at yourself in a mirror and B- don't take yourself too seriously.
Any way I was doing the cool down and in the middle of a very deep knee squat my knee popped and took me to the floor. Bummer.
A little ice and some Advil and I should be up and running shortly. I hope.

Another thing... I have a new best friend. It's spray paint!! It has opened up a whole new world for me. i walked around the house yesterday and made a pile of every accessory I had that I had grown bored. Made a trip to the Home Dept and bought a couple of cans of heirloom white Rustoleum spray paint and had a little party with my new found friend. I super LOVE everything I sprayed yesterday and can't wait to finish going through the rest of my pile. You see I've grown bored of all the dark accessories so I'm lightening up the accents to give the room a more airy feel. It's working! My next project is going to be a cabinet that has been trashed by the kids and it need new knobs so It's getting an up-do this weekend if I have time.

I'll take pictures if it turns out looking good.

have a great day.