Friday, April 16, 2010

When in Rome

Livin down here in the deep South people are into one or all of the following,





you get the drift.

Anyway, most of the boys in our neighborhood have Daddy's who hunt and or fish. Keep in mind we are surrounded by doctors.

Alex came in crying the other day because all of the boys he plays with all now have air soft guns. He is now the only one without one. the last kid on our street besides Alex that didn't have one went to the Bass Pro Shop with his Doctor Dad the other day and came home with one ( using his birthday money and a gift card) much to his Mother's dismay. Turns out dad caved after he got the same sob story I did, " But Dad every kid has one but me and I can't play with them because I don't have my own gunnnnn!!"

So I called pregnant Mother in distress and asked her how it was going. She said that her husband caved and that she told him that he was gonna be responsible if anything happened.

After many conversations with my super sexy husband, we decided that Alex has earned the opportunity to have a go at it. we set some very strict ground rules that included,

no shooting ANY live animal

no shooting at ANY house

no shooting at your sisters

MUST wear goggles at all times

So Ted took Alex and Ari up to the Bass pro shop and half n hour later not only did Alex come home with a small air soft gun but his big sister got one too. Big surprise.

They suited up and headed out the back door and what does Ari do???

she shoots Alex right in the leg. Yea she says she didn't mean to, and that she has a terrible aim and didn't expect to hit anywhere near him. Likely story.

Of course the second he gets hit he hits the ground wailing in pain. I hear something that sounds like crying/ mumbling/ "hornet"

I jump up out of my comfy chair and go running towards him... " you got stung by a hornet???"

No Mom I said Ari shot me and It FEELS like I got STUNG by a hornet!!"

Ari is standing there laughing and says that she only aimed in his direction and that she has such a terrible aim that she didn't REALLY think she would actually HIT him.

Lucky for both of them they laughed it off and ran off to shoot into the woods.

GAWD, I'm not sure I'm ready for this.