Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring is in the Air

The weather down here in the deep south has been glorious. Its lightly breezy, warm in the sun and not humid. I know all this is going to come to a screeching halt but for now I will enjoy. I've had the yard cleaned up, tree's pruned, new mulch added and weeds pulled. Today I planted some pots on my front porch to add some color. I want to add a lot more color now that I see what a difference it makes.
The project list for this house isn't very long. This was not a fixer upper. I do want to add our touch on it though. I will add some color to the yard and plant some more flowers and plants in the back where the beds are empty. The screened in porch is quickly becoming my favorite spot to be. Hopefully we will have some furniture soon so we can really enjoy the space. Quick before it gets too bloody hot and humid and I won't want to go outside lest I begin to sweat and GOD forbid have sweaty armpits and worse...sweat stains!!
I had a conversation with Ted on the phone this morning about this subject. i used his "Toms" deodorant because mine was all out and I was complaining to him that I didn't like having sweaty armpits. I had to rush out to target to get my favorite deodorant/anti-persperant so i could live again. He doesn't understand just how much I DON"T like to sweat. He can stick to his Au-naturale stuff but give me the BIG guns. I'll take my chances with Alzheimer's, that's what crossword puzzles are for...exercising your mind so you don't loose it.
Life is good.