Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm a land mammal

The view from the neighborhood pool.

We are on Spring Break as of today. The kids and I have a couple of days planned to go down to the Gulf and spend the day at the beach. Today and for the past three days we have been enjoying our community pool in our sub-division. And by that I mean, the pool that we don't have to maintain or clean but that we get to visit any ole time we feel like it.

First we went to Target and had some fun there. Bought some goggles for everyone and a couple of pool toys, and a bunch of stuff I can't recall but I know I needed badly when we were there.

The kids swam a bit and then Alex pulled his lounge chair up super close to mine and squeezed under the market umbrella with me to share the shade. Remember the Sun and I don't get along.

I asked him why he wasn't in the pool with the girls and he replied, " I'm not an aquatic mammal, I'm a land mammal." What--everrrrr

My daughter is so sweet to bring Mama an umbrella.

This is day three on my ADHD med and I have to say I feel more balanced and focused. Don't have multiple things going on in my head and haven't had the need for an afternoon nap in three days. Haven't gotten distracted and have completed several mini projects around the house. yay for me.

I had a woman send me an email who has written a very successful book on adult ADHD. She had some great input for me. Her husband was diagnosed several years ago and they were astounded by the lack of good information there was out there on ADHD so she started volunteering at an ADD organization and ended up writing a book on it. Her husband is a bio-neurologist and had a hard time getting diagnosed but once he did it has been smooth sailing ever since. Thank again Gina!!

I almost have Indy's bedroom makeover finished so I will post about that in a few days. with pictures included of course.