Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Spent the Easter holiday up north in Indiana with Teds family. It started out at sister-in-law Michele's house on the lake with wine and appetizers out on the deck.

Alex spent some time down on the dock exploring
while Indy and cousin Patrick played in the huge Willow tree. Pat made this beautiful crown for her out of willow branches.
Molly spent lots of time grooming Henry everytime I touched him. She's such possesive girl.
Holiday meals with Ted's family are steeped in rich Polish and Slovack tradition. Every recipe that Grammy follows is written on paper that is older than I am, beginning with the rye muck that becomes the soup starter for the Borscht.
While making my "non-traditional" pizzas I shook the container of parmesian cheese dust and it open and flew all over the front of me, and down my cleavage. YUCK
Sister-in-law Mary tended to the pizzas in the 40 year old oven down in my Mom-in-laws basement. it's the best oven in the world and it still works great!!
Saturday night pizza dinner.
Ari spent time with her cousins,
while Indy and Aunt Michele played some sort of "find-it" game. Indy is wearing auntie "M"s glasses.
Lots of wine was consumed and a few bubble gum cigarettes too. i do not condone the use of ANY kind of cigarette but Aunt Michele bought them for the kids so I gave in. Lets all blame her shall we?
Another traditional treat. Nut roll made from scratch of course by Grammy.
Glow in the dark easter egg hunt.
Did I mention that I spilled parmesian dust all down my cleavage????
Yea did I mention that??? Henry followed his nose right on over to my chest where he happily licked my shirt for a few seconds.
Uh yea, Check out the teenager in her sassy pin striped dress and the espadrills.
The traditional borscht feast. It is one of my favorite soups and the home made horse radish that accompanies it is the best!!
Me and the sista-in-laws
Indy spent the afternoon trying to keep up with the sixteen year old.
Incle Jim and Ted had a "who has more style" contest. We all know who wins that one.

Grammy and Indy had a discussion on weather Indy was worthy of a $5 bill. Of course Grammy can't resist that beautiful face of hers.
Yep she got her money.

Grammy and her kids.
And most of the "little" kids.
Happy Easter