Friday, July 17, 2009

Backyard Campouts

I put these pictures in because I don't come across too many pictures of my body where I'm not totally grossed out. Thank God for a good bra!! hee hee

Now that Ted is home I told the kids they could harass him to get the tent out and set it up. I told them that it's been 8 years since i slept in a tent and that was the last time. In my own defense... I was six months pregnant with Alex and my hips and back just about killed me having to sleep on the ground in a tent. Perhaps I might re-consider at a later date but it would have to be a really good reason.
Anyway the kids suckered ( i mean talked) him into setting it up and they have been sleeping in it ever since. I got smores stuff and ted has made a bon fire every night so the kids could hang out. Ari's entire posse has been over every night and she and her friend have slept in the tent the last 2 nights and Alex and his buddy have it tonight.
Last night there was a few deer in the yard that spoke and woke us all up and scared the girls half to death. then of course Ted had to push them over the edge by sneaking up on them in the dark outside the tent and growling at them...of course they screamed bloody murder. Later that night it turned to a full on war with Ted standing in out bathroom in the dark quacking at them and making any other weird kind of noise he could think of. The girls got us back by flashing their flashlights into our bedroom window until somebody called "uncle" and we all went to sleep.

These are the things that create lasting memories of living in New Hampshire. They will never for get these times and the fun we've had in our own backyard.
Maybe this means I get the supermom award for the week??

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