Thursday, July 2, 2009


Tomorrow we have a showing on our house. It's the first showing in 2 months. Not a lot of people flocking to New Hampshire. I don't know why not... It's quite beautiful here. Who wouldn't love living in New England? Huge properties, tons of tree's beautiful skies. Spectacular seasons and amazing wildlife. Perhaps someone may have read my blog on summer bugs. oops, I should be careful what I write when I'm trying to sell my house. I mean the bugs are someone who likes bugs. I'm not big on bugs especially when they are biting me.

So I spent all day cleaning out closets and working with the stagier to "stage" my house. I touched up scratches on walls, I wiped gross finger prints and dog prints off of the doors and made yet another pile for Goodwill.

I have been told by my realtor to not "Not get my hopes up". 

I don't have my hopes up...I'm just hopeful

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