Saturday, July 25, 2009

Off She Goes

Well, that's it. They are all gone. Yesterday I took Ari and the dogs down to Boston for their trip home to Ca. Ari's friends threw her a going away party the night before. It was a tearful goodbye.
The next morning there were about 7 teenagers knocking on the door at 7am. They just can't miss a moment of her being here. She wasn't even awake yet. I was so touched because we all know how teenagers like to sleep in so when Ari mentioned that a few were coming over in the morning to say one last goodbye, I took it with a huge grain of salt because I didn't think even one of them would be dragging themselves out of bed to come over at 7am. Well I was so wrong. they were all there. some of them walked over from around the block in the rain, some had their mom's drive them over, but they showed up. I cried, I knew they loved her but I didn't know how much. One of them (my secret favorite) said he went home after the party and ate a ton of food because he was "eating his feelings". awww so sweet. I took a picture of some of them when they walked in the door. Yes I acknowledge that they are all boys but they are VERY good friends and a couple of girls did come too, just not that early.

The dogs did great, I was so worried about sending them on the plane but they were perfect. I even got a picture of them being loaded on to the plane's cargo hold.

Now it's just me, I took my friend out to lunch for going down with me to Boston and then we went to Homegoods.
After that long day I went home a took a nice nap. don't laugh... I needed it. It's been an exhausting last few months and I plan on resting up for the big move in a couple of weeks. Plus I still have a lot of packing to do.

So here I am without family...just me here in the quiet trying to listen for spiritual direction and moving forward into what will no doubtedly be the next great adventure. I'm up for it...I always am.

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