Thursday, July 9, 2009

Someone needs some foot care

Ted has just emailed me and said that "Ari needs to take the nail polish off of her toes".

In theory this is a good idea except that the toes he's referring to are the ones in the picture and those aren't Ari's...they're Indy's. 

Apparently he hasn't seen his girls enough lately to remember that Indy is the little one and Ari is the older one. He does have a major pet peeve about Ari's toe nail polish. This is one of the Little things he like to harass her about. He doesn't like looking at nasty chipped toe polish. Hence the reason that he is so supportive of me getting pedicures whenever I need them. ( yay for me). Of course I would get them regardless of what he thought but it is Nice to have his undying support on such important matters.

Off to the beach again tomorrow. This time it will be Wallis Sands beach on the New Hampshire seacoast. I haven't been there so I will of course bring my camera.

Today I will kick the darlings out of the house and make them play outside since it's sunny. We also have Alex's golf lesson. He is LOVING golf much to my husbands cringing.

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