Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wallis Sands Beach, NH

                                                      The three Muskateens!!
Alex's best find of the day... a microscopic piece of sea glass.
Alex and his friend looking for treasures.
                     The girls sunbathing.

                                                             got my pedicure.

went to the beach yesterday. Took three teenagers and four younger ones. Every seat in my suburban was filled. This beach is small, just like "Mothers beach" in Corona del mar, Ca. The problem with that is the when it's the first warm sunny day of the Summer then you get about 10 million people.

took teh kids for ice cream after we left the beach. Then listened to UBER loud music all the way home. here are sme tid bits of our ride home. p.s. I just push record, I still have my eyes on the road...I swear.


Shelley said...

Tell Ari her audition for American Idol has been submitted

Shelley said...

I connected our sites from mine which is just go to links, push the screwdriver icon and add this as the url
under name, say "sister shelleys brilliant musings about life"