Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yep that's me...feeling guilty. Here I sit in an empty house surrounded by boxes, feeling guilty. While my husband, sister, parents take care of my children and my two dogs.
I was told to enjoy my break, to live it up. I said I was going to live it up. I am.
But I feel guilty. I feel guilty for taking long naps in between packing boxes and cleaning. I feel guilty for seeing movies by myself. I love to go to the movies by myself. Then I come home a take a nap and then pack some more.
My little sister said I needed to write this blog because it amuses her how guilty I feel. She thinks it's funny. Yet she reminds me that when I get there I will be re-organizing her nasty garage and whatever else she can think of for me to do to re-pay her. ha ha
My Mother has to keep reminding me that she's doing great and that she is loving having all the chaos.
I still feel kind of guilty.
But I will move forward in my guilt...getting regular pedicures, going to the movies and out to lunch, napping, watching all my favorite tv shows, NOT cooking and taking NONE of it for granted.


Shelley said...

Meanwhile Aunt Shelley has to hear herself scream things like "stop pretending to pee with untied waterballoons!!" and "PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON!", glancing ever so often down at her skanky, unpedicured feet with several toenails falling off.

dekr8 said...

Funny funny funny! You deserve a break. Enjoy!

Sarah said...

I had a great time at lunch with you and am sooooo sad you are leaving soon. But this blog is a hidden treasure and I know especially emily will still feel close to you guys when she sees it. Please keep in touch. love you and everytime I get a pedicure I will now think of you!