Monday, July 13, 2009


I haven't mentioned it but Ted is finally home for a few days. He flew in Sat. evening. It's so nice to hve him home. I especially enjoyed siting at the island the next morning drinking my coffee concoction and watching him do the dishes. It was beautiful!!

Today I took the kids to the beach again. It one thing I never get tired of doing and never feel like it's TOO much work to do. Ari brought her friend and they did some body surfing.  They wanted some action shots of them boogie boarding so i was standing on some rocks trying to get some good shots when another mother hollared over to me to watch Indy because she was drifting too close to the rocks. Sure enough I look over and she is being slammed up against the rocks with her boogie board. I Yelled at Ari to GET HER since she was closer...and lets all just be honest, she can move a lot faster than me. Well Ari got slammed up against the rocks even worse than Indy.

We got some first aid from a VERY cute, i mean  very nice first aide guy who's picture I HAD to take.

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