Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sunny Days and Rainy Days

 Went to the Lake on Monday with Alex and Indy and a friend. It was the first sunny day we've had in a long time. The kids Had a great time it reminded me of why I love New Hampshire so much. I love the small town feeling here. There's always a place to park, never any traffic, everybody cares about what happens to you.

This day I can see that I needed a pedicure badly. Got one today. The first time in a while that I've had a break from the little darlings. Took myself out for a burrito afterwards. Also went to Target and bought the kids a hula hoop. They love it. They have been hula hooping all afternoon.

Ari accidentally let Molly get a pretzel out of her mouth. She would NEVER do it on purpose. She knows Daddy would NOT be happy.

                                       Note the drool coming out of Molly's mouth.
My Mom sent each of the kids a tiny Target gift card for the end of school year treat. Indy spent an hour trying to decide what to get. She finally decided on a glitter bouncy ball(very cool) and a light up hula hoop. Also a pack of modeling clay and a pack of 500 tattoos. She is now covered in tattoos and so are her siblings. Today Ari tried to talk her into putting one on the small of her back. Thank God Indy didn't  like the idea because I looked up at Ari and saw her mouth "tramp stamp" to me which made me fall over laughing.
Ari has informed me that she would like to start a blog. This is how the conversation went...
ari "i want to start a blog"
mom. "that's great honey. what do you think you would talk about?"
ari. "my everyday life"
mom. " like what?"
ari. "like what i do everyday during the summer"
mom. "if you can write about how to grow roots in the sofa then that would be good"
Ari falls on the floor laughing and then proceeds to convince me that she has done a lot this summer. Thank God we can laugh about things.

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