Tuesday, September 22, 2009

For the Love of First Graders

Helped out in Shelley's first grade son "Aidan"s class on Monday. She had to leave early from her 1 hour duty so I went with her to finish her shift. Sat at the table and waited for the teacher to give instructions to the class. Aidan and his group came first. He sat next to Shell. The kids had to write a small sentence and then end it in a period. All the kids in the group did it except for Aidan who instead looked around and goofed off while in his own little world. Once Shell finally got him to focus he used his biggest size letters to write the sentence on this little line. Shell asked him to write a little smaller so the words would fit on the paper. Instead he wrote the sentence off the paper and onto the table, finishing with a large period at the end. Turned and looked at Shelley and said "I did it Mom" half of the sentence was written on the table. Shell and I both started to laugh silently to our selves and try not to let any of the kids see us shaking while we laughed.

After his group finished...he decided to turn on the water works and beg Shell to take him home. He carried on for quite awhile telling her that he was sick. She asked what his symptoms were, he said "I don't know what that means but I've had a very bad day so far and I need to go home" I told Shell that he was disrupting my lesson and asked her to leave the room with her boy. She didn't fall for the "I'm sick" routine so he gave up and went back to his work.

Next I look up just in time for another kid in his group to sneeze and blow two HUGE snot rockets out of her nose that just hung there. I said.."please go get a towel".

The next groups went fairly smoothly except that I don't have any patience so when they couldn't understand the concept of writing a sentence and ending it with a period I started to get bored of the whole thing. Just as I was growing bored of this whole experience I looked up to see Aidan across the room pointing at some teacher's XXL butt and making a horrified look, also pointing and making the "coo-coo" gesture. You know the one where you take your pointer finger and make circles around your ear? He kept doing this as I sat horrified that he was making fun of this lady's big butt until I looked down and saw a kid on the floor flopping around like a large tuna out of water with a death grip on Aidan's desk leg. Apparently she was having a melt down and Aidan was telling the whole class "silently" that she was "coo-coo" and "crazy". They managed to remove her from the class without further incident. At least he wasn't making fun of the lady's big butt.

The teacher thanked me for helping out and I said "No problem...It was very entertaining"

You gotta love the first graders.


catsmeaney said...

Check your e-mail for a spacial gift from Aidan

Anonymous said...

i love this....laughed so hard....love you and your blogs maybe your blogs alittle more...justkidding love you mere