Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last Day of Summer

Yesterday was the last day of Summer. We spent most of the day recovering from our weekend down at Stacy's, doing laundry, napping and working out. Shell and i went for a run in the morning, suffering the whole time because of all the crap we ate over the weekend. It was totally worth it though. Holland makes the best guacamole. And Stacy makes the best spaghetti. So worth it!

At 5:15 pm I took the little kids down to Butterfly beach for the end of Summer play time. the sun was low and beautiful. the kids swam in the warm water and dug for sand crabs. Indy stood at water's edge for a long time with boogie board in hand waiting for the perfect wave to ride.
This is what happens when you try to be a runner at 42 years old. You must invest in a large amount of "Icee Hot" patches to get you through the day so you don't feel like you will never walk again.

As I sat on the beach on the last day of Summer, I try to reflect on how the last three months have gone and where we are headed. I will try to savor every day and be grateful that we have a place to stay while Ted is still out of work. My parents have been amazing and so generous.
I am so grateful that we are here to enjoy Santa Barbara and it's beautiful beaches. My kids and husband are healthy and happy and all of our needs are met for now. that's all I can ask for today. I noticed that Alex wrote home in the sand and put an arrow pointing to his own feet. So fitting for our life right now... Home is where your feet are planted. So true Alex, so true.


Shelley said...

LOVE this! but it's time for a new post. Your readers are hungry.

Anonymous said...

This may be my absolute favorite!!!! So sweet, so real so tender! Keep them coming! I live with you and I love reading them!! xoxo Mom