Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Shelley!!

Shelley turned 41 the other day.
She and her husband Tom treated us to a dinner out for sushi and fun. We got to sit in one of those super special rooms that are private. You had to remove your shoes before you went in. These rooms have tables that are lower than the lowest coffee table. After removing our shoes we entered and attempted to sit. It was easy for the kids to sit as they are small...not so easy for those of us over 5'0". And God help all of us if you had stinky feet as the air flow was seriously lacking until we turned on the little fan that was in the room. Shelley was glowing in her beautiful red Asian inspired dress. When I say glowing I'm not kidding...she and the rest of us were wiping the sweat off of our foreheads!!

This is Shell and her husband Tom

The table was so low she had to bend down to sip her beer.

After a lovely sushi dinner, we headed over to the local high school football field to watch a bit of the game and to watch Tom and Shelley's daughter Quinlan perform with her dance team at half time.
At the game Shelley handed out these fabulous cupcakes that had a mile high pile of unsweetened extra light butter cream frosting. They were decadent and super yummy.

Tom is really not a smoker. I think he just likes to "air smoke" somewhat like "air guitar" when he watches football

Shelley ate her cupcake and Toms as he must be watching his waistline.

This is what I'm sure is the first of MANY pictures of Indy at a high school football game.

Quinlan is somewhere in this group of girls in black.

And the best part of the whole evening??????????

watching Shelley and Ari try to get UP from the dinner table. Priceless.


Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had fun!!! wish i could have been there!!! love all of you!!!

Lynne said...

Fun pics! But anyone who has kids in high school must be really old. Ha!

Love ya girl, and love your blog!