Sunday, September 13, 2009

kids, kids, kids

This weekend Ari had her first volleyball tournament. It was down south in Rancho Santa Margarita. I took this picture of her warming up. She would like me to say this was a game winning spike but perhaps that will come one day soon. For now we will stay humble and just say that she is working really hard and is very grateful to be on the team.
This is Alex on his first day of third grade. If you know Alex you'll not be surprised to see the bottle of hand sanitizer on his book bag and the "political" button as well.

This is Indy's first day of first grade. She lost two front teeth within one week so her smile is full of holes but still very cute.

Me? well I'm exhausted from a weekend away and two days of volleyball and driving. I have managed to get to know some of the volleyball mom's. This is not something I was looking forward to since you all know how much I "LOVE" to chat and meet new people but I sucked it up and made myself sit with them and they were actually very down to earth and friendly. I feel a bit out of place because of being the "new girl" in town but have received a very warm welcome from all the parents I've met.
It's back to the gym in the morning. My knee has been bothering me and Shelley has managed to sustain quite the nice little tear in her calf muscle so it will be a morning of elliptical machines for us instead of our usual Monday morning run along the beach.


britcrenshaw said...

awwww i love these pictures!!! tell ari her butt looks cute in those green spandex and she is making me proud=] the first days of school pics are so stinking adroable i cant get over how funny alex is with his hand sanitizer and button.
love you

Sarah said...

the kids look so cute and grown up! tell them we all say hello and miss them. too bad we don't have a reciprocal blog to show pix too. I know emily misses her buddy. Have fun and we will think of you as we do all of our fall stuff while you can still go to the beach! : (
Love Sarah and the girls

Shelley said...

I love this. Steph your photos are amazing and your writing even better. Today's thoughts? Your readers want more. Perhaps something about the sock-eating dog.....just pretend like you wont get in trouble for writing it.

Anonymous said...

I love this Stephanie!! Your pictures and writing are wonderful!! You make me very proud!! xoxo Mom