Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hailey and the mer- boy

Sorry It's been 5 days since my last blog but I've been busy living!! Friday I took the kids to Golita beach to join their cousin Kieran for a "beach Day" field trip. My kids had a ball because it was high tide. Alex dug in the sand the whole time and Indy joined up with the 4th graders and paddled out on her boogie board to surf with the big kids. that's her in the pink with the pink board holding her own and loving every minute of it.
Next, Shell and I and the kids drove down to Stacy's house for labor day weekend. Stacy couldn't drive up to Santa Barbara because it would have taken her 4-5 hours each way with holiday traffic. it was a 2 hour breeze of a drive for us going in the opposite direction of all the holiday traffic. One of the twins is at Norther Colorado University and she had a VB game that had a live telecast feed on the web so we all gathered around the computers and watched them play for a while. It was super exciting to see our girl!!

The kids played all weekend with some of the fabulous costumes that Stacy has made and or put together over the years. the kids played for hours and then swam the rest of the time.

Night time swimming was the best. It is the best thing in the world to take a swim after dinner.

This is Aidan, Shelley's youngest.

During one of their night swims Indy came up with the name "Hailey". she told me that she really like that name better than her own and could she please change her name to "Hailey" I said "sure". So she went around to all the kids and told them they had to call her Hailey from now on. She got a bit of backlash from most of the kids. All except from Morgan, Stacy's boy. He said that he wanted to change his name too. he told Stacy that why couldn't we all call him "Organ". I leaned over to Stacy and whispered..."they'll be calling him that in high school.
Instead he decided he wanted to be called"Mer-Boy" Like mermaid. So he and Indy were "Hailey and Mer-Boy"

Holland (15) and Ari (14) had the best time ever. they are just like sisters. they fight and hang out and joke around. They might just be the most comic duo in the kids part of the family. By the way Holland said that she was wearing Brittany's bikini and not to tell Britt. I'm not telling...I'm just showing my pictures :)

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