Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Time for school to start

Went to TJ Maxx this week with my Mom and Indy. My mom thinks these shoes will be good for when she needs to do a lot of walking. Indy says "not so much". me? Having big feet myself, can appreciate the need to buy ANYTHING that is in my size when I find it. I had to take a picture of Mom's feet because she looks like Olive oil.

Took Alex and Indy to the park this week. This park is right across the street from the beach. We didn't stay too long but the kids were happy because they'd been bugging me to go since last week.
The palm trees beyond the kids are the beach.

This "Bratz" doll and her friend Indy are the main reason why I know they are needing to start school VERY soon. I need to NOT be taking Indy to TJ MAXX where she inevitably will talk me into buying her a doll like this. Should have wrote this on Not Me Monday.
My Mom did NOT buy these shoes.
I did NOT buy Indy a Bratz doll at TJ MAXX!!
I will NOT jump for joy when my little ones start school next Tuesday!!


Lynne said...

I *heart* TJ Maxx!!!

Anonymous said...

If I lived in St. Louis we would have tons of fun!!

Anonymous said...

very funny and beautiful pictures. Too bad you didn't have your camera this morning.