Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Indy's Room Makeover

Indy's Room Before

We have moved, therefore My kids get the fun part of re-doing their bedroom. It's kind of obnoxious but since we have drug them all over the USA we feel that they should have some sort of fun, new environment celebrating their new home. Indy is first because Ari usually gets to go first and so I began with one of the little kids this time.

I will be posting several blogs about each room that I do hoping that you may get a little inspiration to do something in your own home.

I began by going to the fabric store and collecting dozens of swatches for every room I wanted to change. I picked several different color pallets for Indy to choose from. Of course My trip to the fabric store was SANS children as they can get VERY overwhelmed at the thousands of choices and what they are drawn to isn't always what a parent would approve of.

Indy chose a palette of pink, chocolate brown and a touch of green. I chose three fabrics to work with and got busy deciding what to do with the fabrics. More about that later.

this weekend Ted and I painted her walls a beautiful shade of cool pale pink and one IMPACT wall of chocolate brown. She loves the colors and they will provide a great backdrop for all the personal touches to come.

In the meantime, I have a complete set of her "old" bedding up for grabs. If anyone knows of a kid or "tween" that could benefit from a bedroom pick-me-up then please submit a short commentor email me at on why they need it and I will happily "donate" all the stuff including the matching sheets to the recipient. It is all in great condition as it was only purchased when we got to New Hampshire. Below is a pretty good picture of the stuff that up for grabs, the window treatments are NOT included as they had to be left behind when we left NH.

I will keep you updated on Indy's room makeover and all the other rooms that I am "tweaking". Hoping you can get a little inspiration for your own homes.