Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yesterday I asked Ari to cook dinner. All by herself from beginning to end. She is making jambalaya. These are the Onion chopping glasses she gave me for Christmas. They are coming in handy for her today. Trust me when I tell you that they look much better on her than they do on me.

Indy got a call from her best friend Kyra from when we lived in Pa. When we left Pa., Kyra had the most delicious soft "r's" She would say things like, "I love you Henwee"& "Can Indy come ovow?" She is so delicious I can't hardly stand it!!
Today she called and sounded so grown-up. Hi Mrs. Kaminski, Is Indy there? Ok well can you have her call me? Do you have my number? I was so flabbergasted that I had to keep telling her how grown up she sounded. Uh so yummy!!

Today I ran over a bright green lizard while pulling my truck into the garage. I didn't know I had run it over till a couple of hours later when i went out into the garage. He was sort of stuck to the garage floor by his smashed foot and missing tail. I gently pryed him loose and told him if he didn't want to get run over again then he'd better get the heck out of the way when I pull in. He ran off with what was left of his dignity and three good legs.