Monday, March 15, 2010

Should I Be Jealous?

My Super sexy husband has a new girlfriend. It's his fishing pole. Most days If I can't find him all I have to do is look out the back of the house and down by the lake and there he is. Standing there in his cute rain boots , trying to catch a fish or two. Most of the time one or more of the little punks is with him. Usually Alex. This is great that they both love to fish. Our neighbor has a little paddle fishing boat so they will use that to get out to the middle of the lake.
The problem with having the little punks on the boat is that they never stop talking. Ted says that if they would just be quiet for a minute or two, they would actually catch a few fish. He is still fighting the fact that our children are unable to close their lips for any period of time, lest they miss an opportunity to speak about something of which they know nothing about.
I'm not jealous, just thrilled that they are outside and out of my hair! The kids I mean... NOT my husband.