Monday, March 8, 2010

Coming up For Air

The In-Laws just left this morning and here is a re-cap from the weekend.
The big hello was great. The cousins haven't seen each other in 2 years.

My drug sniffing dogs didn't find anything in Grammy's car. Lucky for her.
Grammy sure did miss her boy. So did sister Michele
That night I whipped up s few home- made pizzas. They were a huge hit.
Michele got me hooked on her new favorite drink. Rated X yum!! Plus is it the most beautiful shade of pink.
Took the fam down to the Gulf to frolic on the beach and go for lunch. It was a beautiful 64 degrees.
The kids had a ball. Alex brought his rain boots because he apparently doesn't like having to get the sand out from between his toes. Whose child is this anyway???
He forgot to take into account the depth of the water. Oops!!
Anything over 50 degrees is swimming weather according to Indy so she braved the chilly water.

Ari and Ryan worked on their tans.
While Ted stood over me and complained about how cold he was and could we please go home now so he could pick up the dog poop and do other chores around the house. Party pooper.
Alex insulted Ari and got tackled. He forgets who he's dealing with.
I enjoyed every minute.
Stopped for ice cream on the way home.

Uh yea.
The end.