Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eggs and Thai

This week we dyed Easter eggs.
I bought the regular Paas dye and then added some fun to the mix by getting the Marbleizing set too.
NOT a good idea. It was a HOT mess of vegetable oil and dye all over the table and the floor.

Henry hung around hoping somebody might accidentally drop an egg so that he could help with the clean-up.
Indy sat down in her brand new white sun dress to begin her egg dyeing fest only to be shut down by me with an apron. Momma hates stains on clothes. Ask's true.

Ari did her eggs and went back to doing her homework.

Friday night is usually pizza night but Ted and Ari were craving Thai food so we ventured out to a Thai place that we hadn't tried before.
Note the empty tables behind Ari, There's a reason for that.
Look!! More empty tables behind Indy
Oh surprise!! More empty tables behind Alex and his book.
And now back to my philosophy on restaurants. Never go to a place that isn't full of people. The LACK of people in a restaurant is a dead give away to how good or BAD the food is.
It SUCKED!! Which was really disappointing because dinner cost a whole lot more than home made pizza!!
The only good thing about that night???
A heart shaped onion in Alex's soup.
I love you.