Monday, March 1, 2010

My I see Your Drivers License Please?

Went to the DMV today to get my Alabama drivers License. It's getting pretty comical... I've now held a drivers license in 5. Count them FIVE states!!!

What's even funnier is that it's a nice progression of pictures where my cheeks just get fuller and fuller!!
Lets NOT beat ourselves up about it though. Life is too short to worry about how we look on our drivers license picture. As long as I look good with clothes on then we're golden right?? Not that I was naked in my license picture but It just made me think of that. In fact my Darling husband made a nice comment about how cute I looked for the "big" day. This of course could have been taken as a direct insult about how I may or may NOT get all dressed up each and every day and put my makeup on. I smacked him and told him,

"Don't be silly Honey...I always get dolled up for my new DL pictures!"

In my own defense I mostly ALWAYS get dressed and do my hair and put makeup on. It's just that by the time he gets home, I've down graded to a t-shirt and a polar fleece zip up thingy.